Aqualung Neoprene Mask Strap - forskjellige motiv

kr 100,-
Neopren maskestrop med forskjellige motiv. Tre motiv å velge mellom. 

Den hvite: "Element"
Dødingshode: "3 star"
Den gule: "Yellow"

Spesifiser motiv i kassen.

Every diver with long hair is aware of the problems with the mask strap pulling the hair. Due to this, some hair can can be lost at a dive...
This has an end with our new mask straps!
They are made of neoprene and can be put on easily.
The fancy design is visible well under water and facilitates recognition of your buddies.
Motifs (on the picture from left to right): SUBGEAR, Element, 3star, Yellow, Cave.